Over 30,000 demo reels since 1997


The question is not "What to you want on your demo reel?"
The real question is "What do you want to have happen because we edited your demo reel?"

Dave's process is goal oriented.  It is informed by a unique understanding of the expectations of the audiences that will view the demo.  By carefully choosing and editing your content, goals like signing with new reps, moving from co-star to guest star, or from guest star to recurring and series regular are achievable.  Moving from indies to the network or from TV to film can be supported with the right demo.

And when the decision process of casting a series lead is narrowed to the top 3, having the right reel can shift the advantage to you.

If you are looking for a demo that can help your career move forward, you are in the right place.

The Process

EditPlus can provide all necessary content, but it will cost less if you have the selected scenes in HD or links to your clips.

We have edited demos with as little input as "we need a reel for our client, a series lead, from 22 episodes of Season 3".

Dave's hourly rate for editing is $100/hr, but most people prefer a quote before committing to beginning their project.

The more detail provided, the more accurate the quote will be.

There can be savings by noting favorite scenes using descriptions or time codes.

If budget is a consideration, disclosure of that budget range will result in a quote describing the work to be performed for that amount.

However, if less information is provided two options will be provided, an edit based on complete review of all available content resulting in a "best" edit, or an edit based on a sampling of episodes, which may overlook "favorite scenes" that were not disclosed at the time of the original request.

A zoom consultation or phone call can be part of the early process to align goals and direction of the demo.

We recommend a best practices approach to features like labeling of scenes, inclusion of rep contact info, use of montages and running time.

The client can receive all unedited selected scenes and a recommended edit.

One cycle of changes or notes is included unless new content is introduced.

To begin the process, request a quote or submit a $100 earnest money deposit to begin your editing project.



To begin your editing project, submit an earnest money deposit.